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Ten days ago, my 10 year old tower computer crashed. I lost ten years of carefully constructed FS2004 and FSX, not to mention the add-ons that somehow always seem to accumulate. I also lost all my current genealogy files (yes, they can be reconstructed from back-up copies, but approximately three weeks of data will have to be regenerated... I hate to think of the hours that will take).


Now here's my problem. The new machine that FS9 and FSX will run on, although more powerful, is a windows 10 machine, a laptop made by Lenovo. I know my graphics are going to suffer, but the machine has been given to me and I cannot afford to go out and buy a replacement at this time, so it will have to do. My concern is the OS. I've seen several instances of Windows 10 issues cross these forums and I'd like to beat that problem before it becomes an issue for me. Can someone point me to the difinative "how to" on windows 10 and MSFS? And, is it different for FS9 vs. FSX?



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Oh the pain of it all... First if you still have your old hard drive you can save much of the saved data you have on it but making the old drive into a USB drive and copy everything over to a new drive.

As to Win 10 and FSX the main 2 issues are to install FSX in its own partition (Out side of the "c" drive. Make sure you have a good copy of UIAutomationCore.dll and place it in your main FSX folder after the first run.

You might have to update some of your drivers too. I had to update my intel HD video driver as well. Hope this helps and we all are here to help you as best we can.





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Comparable to amberdog1's remarks, you can physically remove your hard drive and take it to your local computer store. Buy an external hard drive and pay them to transfer the data for you. You can then plug it into your new machine and you can simply copy most of the files you previously had.
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I am in the process of rebuilding my system and a secondary computer, both with Windows 10. Read your post and decided to reinstall FS9. No problems, just remember to get the FS9 update and also the no cd patch. I have also installed FSX Steam and box with no problems.

GPU: GeForce GTX 1080

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K CPU@4.2GHz

Memory: 16.00GB Ram

Resolution: 3840 x 2160, 30Hz Seiki 39†Monitor

Operating System: Windows 10 Home Edition

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