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Hi everyone, I'm Steven Silva and I'm new to the community.



I'm here because I have a problem that makes me sleepy and this is real, I explain what happens is that I have a problem with my fsx is from time to time that is passed, every 2 or 4 nights and is that without having moon, being in countries that do not have seasons (season) I can be traveling from KMIA To EHAM or othres flights around in the world and I meet the night and my fsx does not darken well is located in (SPRING), the sky is a very light blue color green this effect stays for 1, 2 or more hours, or all night, But the most curious thing was that one night that night turned black (land and skies) and is located in SPRING in "Time and Season" in the menu of the fsx and another thing is that when I have a view from the space you can see the next

1- black night with SPRING the atmosphere is not

2- green night with SPRING the atmosphere is big and bright I really do not know what to do, I really do not have to do with heaven being that they invite me to help with this problem that I have since last year beforehand thanks


NOTAM: i use the fs real time I used to correct this and now it does not fix this error

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