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Froggie Air Virtual


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Froggie Air Virtual started Feb. 7th. 2017 by two girls into flight sim. It has already has grown from 4 pilots to 17, zero hubs to, as of today's opening of KMIA three hubs - all active. Next hub already in the works is EGLL-London,Heathrow (the others are EDDF,Frankfurt and KDEN,Denver). Others are in the works as popular member demand wants. Our member's decide the choices.

If you would like to be part of a start-up VA and fly as you choose then maybe Froggie Air is just for you!

Although we have suggested hub routes - you are free to fly any aircraft to any destination that you would like. There are no times set to fly nor assignments. You are pilot in command, we just help give you a base to operate from. The only two rules are at least one PIREP every 30 days (or file LOA) and rule #1 HAVE FUN!


We also have our own personal server that is free to all and open to public even if you don't join our VA and a popular forum that may include other sims like WGT golf is popular there with some. The forum is mostly open to public too and with the experienced pilots that we have as administrators and members, help is usually just a post away!


I don't spam nor beg - but I do ask that you at least check us out. You have nothing to lose and the live server almost always have a live moderator if you need help. (If logging onto server only port 23456 is accepted- It must be open and forwarded on your system or server will boot you!)


Regards and Safe Flight

FRG007 - Ashley W.

Scheduale Development Officer


Here are the links:


Froggie's Pond Forums http://froggiespond.boards.net/

Froggie Air Virtual Home https://froggieair.000webhostapp.com/

Froggie Official Email froggieair7@gmail.com

Visit my server home page www,froggiespond.boards.com[

Flight Memory Maps represent my current area of operations


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