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VFR Generation X scenery v3.0 update procedure ?


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I apologise in advance of this has been discussed before, but I did search on here first and couldn't find the answer to my problem.


I've been running FSX reliably for several years with VFR Gen X scenery v2 for the whole of the Uk, (except the elusive vol 7 Scotland central :rolleyes: ).


I know the publishers no longer exist (unfortunately), but I've just bought the three v3.0 update discs for volumes 1, 2 and 3, and I'm struggling with the install procedure.


I'm confused however at how many iterations there are for each volume/area cabinet update, each suffixed with .new2, .new3, .new4 etc.. The manufacturer's instruction is to unpack each .new* cabinet for each volume\area in turn, which appears to overwrite all of .bgl files several times over.


I can't help wondering why the DVD wasn't supplied with just the latest .new set for each volume\area ?


I'm worried I must be doing something wrong....

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