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Multi Crew Experience (MCE) and FSInsider Version fsinsider.dll Issue


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Multi Crew Experience (MCE) FSInsider Version fsinsider.dll Issue


I have scouted around the internet trying to find a workable solution to the error message I get.


The error message is "Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third party software program".


I am not that computer literate and do not wish to play around with things like 'regedit" deleting this or adding that. My experience of doing so caused a major problem for me, ultimately leading to a redownload of FSX Steam edition, the ORBX Scenery files and other TP Add-0ns such as Flight1 KingAir B200. The process took days.


Is there is simple, easy to follow solution to this issue.


FSX Steam Edition on Windows 10 O/S



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