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Hey all,


I know there are probably a MILLION threads like this (I know, I search) but they're all "old" for the most part and I know developers update their stuff.


I'm looking for some good quality payware. I've been flying the iFly 737 almost exclusively for 2 years now and looking for a new ride.


Looking specifically for:








A functioning FMC and realistic handling are pretty much my only requirements lol. iFly spoiled me and made me an aircraft "brat" for sure!!

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777: PSS. Available at BlackBox for only $10

A350: Nothing available... try an A350 model with an A330 panel.

A380: Nothing available, but I'm having fun with the PA A380 with EasyFMC.

A320/330/340: If you can, get the non-Evolution version of the Wilco Airbus.


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