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FSX-SE Scenery Problems


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FSX Steam

DX10 - Disabled because of lights showing up as black squares

EzDok v2

REX4 Texture Direct w/ Clouds



i5-7600K Kaby Lake 3.8mhz

Gigabyte Z270X Gaming K5

16GB DDR4 (2x8) Ram 3800

AMD Radeon™ R7 370 Series

120GB SSD & 850GB SSD

Dell S2415H(HDMI) 24"

Samsung SyncMaster 2243 22"


In Folder FSX\Addon Scenery


FreeMeshX-North America






In Folder FSX\Scenery\Addon Scenery

New FSX Library Objects





As you can tell from the attached pics the terrain, water, snow in certain areas of the country look better than others...what gives


Pic 1 KBNA - As you can see area looks real

Pic 2 KJAX - Airport ground looks aweful

Pic 3 KJAX at 2000 ft looks ok

Pic 4 KGJT Takeoff Land Squared Off

Pic 5 KGJT Square Water & Snow looks aweful



Pic1 KBNA.jpgPic2 KJAX.jpgPic3 KJAX at 2000 ft.jpgPic4 KGJT Takeoff.jpgPic5 KGJT After Takeoff.jpg

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What I would do here is first install the DirectX Redistributables from Microsoft. This will update DirectX on whatever Windows version you have to the latest level. I have also seen somewhere that this is important if you have Windows 10, which focuses more on DX 11 and 12 (I think I saw this on a train simulator forum).


After that I would run Windows update until you have the latest and greatest.


Then check you have the latest and greatest graphics card drivers.


And then it's time to read and implement as necessary Kosta's tweaking guide, posted as a stick at the top of this forum. This will involve a lot of reading and experimentation, but in my experience it's well worth the effort.


There is another thread recently posted dealing with the affinitymask settings. Give that a look also.



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I've had this problem MANY times. You will need to repair FSX Steam. This basically checks for corrupt/missing files and replaces them with fixed ones. You will need to re install FTX Global, as this modifies default files, and any other add on that modified default files.


You may also want to backup your FSX.cfg, as there are reports of repairing replacing it, although it did not happen to mine. I would recommend repairing before you try Jorgen's advice, because repairing is easier. If repariing doesn't work, you can try his advice (which seems relevant, just a lot of stuff to do).


Read more about reparing FSX:SE on google before you try it.




Her is a link to get you started. If it doesn't work, come back to here, because I have some more suggestions.




Hope you get it fixed soon.

Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet engines.




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A repair has some serious consequences. For example, every default file will be returned to default state.

That means every edit you made in aircraft.cfg files is gone afterwards. Not a good idea!

And aircraft.cfg files are not the only ones affected.


In this case I don't think a repair will make much difference anyway. It looks more like photoreal scenery is installed.

Some addon airports have a photoscenery layer under them. Those look good from height, but look awful below 2000ft or so.

Similar looking at a picture, while holding it so it touches your nose. You would just see a blur.


The blocky coastline could be an issue with the FTX install. But somehow it looks as if there's "land in the water".

That makes me think of a photoscenery with a wrong blend mask. (not sure, I hardly use any photoscenery because of such issues.)


Did you have a world/region covering photoscenery addon installed? such as for example "Blue Sky Scenery".


In the Orbx menu's you can reset things. Sometimes needed after installing an addon scenery so a reinstall is not needed. Try that option for FTX.


And regarding airports. Uninstall one with problems to test. Or test how things are at default airports.

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