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PMDG 747v3 and ground services

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I have the GSX latest update and it doesn't work well (gets wrong doors etc) with the PMDG 747v3. I have learnt from other forums that the new GSX update is only to support the PMDG 747. I would like to know in what way and how do I use it? If I try to edit GSX to make the vehicles in line with the doors, it won't ask me to open the doors when catering so the people go through the doors and cargo won't be boarded until doors are open, it will then ask me to open exit 1 and 2 even when every single door on the aircraft is open. I am also aware that that PMDG has its own ground services if that helps.


An early reply would be very much appreciated, thank you [emoji4]


Can someone please give me a reply/answer...


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