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Pmdg 777, aerosoft Airbus x, a2a c182? :)


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Hi all :)


I have got some spending money and i want to buy a new aircraft for fsx :) but i am stuck on these 3 aircraft :/ pmdg 777, aerosoft airbus x or the a2a c182? I think all three looks awesome :D what do you think :) if you have any other suggestions feel free to comment them :)


Thanks alot :)

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These are all absolutely awesome (magnificent!) products. I would care less what sim platform there was, it's all about the products like those above plus Orbx and wonderful sceneries.


777 vs C182, depends what you do more often. Alabeo is 2nd to A2A when it comes to single engine GA, their beautiful C172 with awesome 3D instrument niches is about $20.


777 or Airbus-X? It would be easier to compare new software to older like PMDG 747, but comparing 777 to Airbus-X is just not possible, they are both amazing with new features not experienced previously.

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