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Antarctica4XPlane in QGIS Cloud


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Hello everyone,

as I had anticipated a few months ago I finally released a project in QGIS Cloud, a geographic information system open-source, to make available via the Web from a single page everything about our Antarctica4XPlane project, including third-party creations but also with regard to each of the hundreds of research Bases / Airports yet to be realized.

The purpose was to systematize a series of not homogeneous data on the web, to enable you to get all that concerns our project from a single point but also provide a number of elements intended to stimulate the creation of new sceneries: in this so we could get to make the most populated and therefore more interesting to a continent that is already very nice.

By clicking on points locating on a map of Antarctica, which highlights the hitherto made mesh Parts, all places of interest gradually surveyed, you get PDF containing data, pictures, maps, links to more information, videos, downloads of elements of the project released, among them a hundred basic heliports located near research Bases still to do: as you'll see is a work in progress.

You can find the link to the page in question wen from the first post of the topic in .org


or from our website


Take good flights



QGIS Cloud.jpg

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