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One of those burning questions


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I've had this error come up during loading screen if fs2004 for a while now and never thought much of it until recently..


Error message says


Error- fs9

Flight simulator has detected potentially incompatBle aircraft or software



And this loads up every time I load fs...usually I click the yes to load it and think nothing of it, but this time I'm really getting tired of it...would like to fix it



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D3D9 files are part of DX9. While all DX is backwards compatible, not all programs are. Some older software, from XP days, make DX function calls to specific files, not just to the functions; so have issues in newer systems. Download and install the DX9.0c Redistributable from Micro$oft; this adds the original separate files to your system, these are in their own folder and will not interfere with newer DX.


If you update or reinstall your vid drivers you may have to install the DX9 again.

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