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Saitek throttle levers = all for one and one for all!?

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I have been using my Saitek Yoke/Throttle with FSX for several years. Most of the time there has been no problem. Once there was some irratic control spikes with the throttle, but switching to a powered USB hub fixed that.


Lately though, it has me puzzled. All of a sudden, when I move the throttle, it also controls the mixture and prop signals. Same with the other two levers. Move one, all start to deflect, and the signals are not accurate to where I want them. As the throttle should be increasing, all three lever signals move full up, then down, then wherever they want to go. When I go into Calibration, again, moving one moves them all, erratically, with their final resting position settling down eventually opposite of where they should be (i.e., with the throttle down, the cal screen shows all three signals up full. moving the throttle full up moves all of them, sort of together, but eventually winding up at the bottom of the signal.)


I have checked my control assignments, swapped out USB feeds, and sat in wonderment at what in the world is going on. All of the switches work as advertised. I didn't see a similar situation in the hardware forum (but then my wife might say that's normal for me. Maybe I should have her look.)


That's the best I can describe it. Totally unusual for my system. I hope the pots aren't dying or dead, but they sure aren't alive and well. Appreciate any insights, thoughts, alternatives, or good jokes.


I am using W7/64 with an AMD FX-8150 (3.60GHz), GTX560/2G, 8G DDR3-1600 RAM, 120GB SSD, 500GB 7200 HD

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Hate to say it but it sounds like a new one may be needed. I have had the odd pot glitching (I have in fact just bought a new one after around 8 yrs of use for that reason ) but I never experienced one affecting the other. If you have ruled out the usb port then I suspect the circuit board in the unit may have failed.





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