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X52 Pro Joystick Head, Buttons stuck/frozen

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I copied this from another, less popular forum. Im pasting here in hopes I get a better response:



Ive had my X52 pro for around 2 years now, and just today the joystick head buttons have all frozen up with rare but glitchy response every once and a while if i spam all the buttons on the joystick. The throttle is fine and responding normally. I followed the steps to reinstall drivers and clean boot, but to no avail. My issue is similar to this users' issue:https://logitechsupport.force.com/saitek/s/question/0D53100006cZ0RBCA0/x52-pro-worked-fine-until-suddenly-the-control-stick-lights-up-but-doesnt-respond


Has one of the wires gone bad in the joystick head to joystick base part?

Screenshot of the control panel is attached. Notice the "buttons" section, "POV" section, and "mode" section. It seems to be all the buttons on only the joystick head portion, not the base. My hand is off the joystick when this was taken, no buttons being pressed.


bvroken x52.PNG

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