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FSX: SE Keyboard issues with viewing and sim functions

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Hi all!


It's been long since the last time I played FSX, however after refitting my computer with a brand new SSD and fresh install, I thought I could also upgrade from the boxed to the Steam version of FSX. I had already made a lot of research about the advantages (and disadvantages) of the latest version published by Dovetail, and bought it a few weeks ago. As obvious as it may sound, I had to have all my addon aircraft and scenery from nearly 7 years of simming into FSX:SE.


For the most addons, all runs fine, however, I've experienced a few issues with some of them, particularly Tom Ruth's aircraft (DC-10, L-1011, PA 320 series, etc). These aircraft form the backbone of the fleet I regularly fly with, and I really want to fly with no problems at all, but:


- When I press the SPACE+MOUSE binding, the mouse starts flickering between the crosshair and the pointer;

- When pressing CTRL+Y, SHIFT+(number), Y, O, ALT, the binding not always work, as if windows switched between FSX and another program, or desktop.


I've searched through the web and found out that disabling the Steam in-game overlay would solve the problem, which it did in most part, however I sporadically find myself in this problem again and again, particularly when switching from desktop to FSX. Maybe I am missing something here, and I know this can be solved, but I already posted this on Steam and got no response for almost a week... I've also heard that it may be something related to random keyboard language switching, but since the CTRL and SHIFT keys don't work I don't think so.


Here's what I found out to be very interesting discussions, which may help solve this:









I really need help solving this, I am not the only one with this problem... Sorry for the long text XD

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Since you're in Portugal, could the issue be that FSX-SE does not like your Portuguese-language keyboard?


I have a German-language keyboard myself, made by Logitech, and on that you can switch between the German layout and the standard US-English layout by pressing Alt+Shift. Maybe that could also solve your problem.



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I know, quite an irritation factor. I had the problem with EN-NL keyboard settings. The problem eventually went away after installing FS2Crew. I switched the Windows language to American English, maybe that's another option.



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Hello everyone, I have been flying to FSX for several months. PC hardware is excellent, and I'm using the Saitek X-52. My keyboard is the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 (v2.0). Yesterday, during my descent into HPN after a very regular flight, I noticed some problems in the simulator. I have summarized them below:- F5-F8 no longer control the flaps (no function whatsoever)- F10 now lowers the flaps, mysteriously- F9, F11, and F12 no longer have any function, and I can't change the view- G key will not lower the landing gear there are probably other problems that I have not specifically noticed. I have no idea what caused this to suddenly occur. There are no problems controlling the airplane, though I'm now stuck in "Locked Spot" mode. I spent some time in the "Control" settings, and everything appears to be correct. I reset to defaults to be safe, but nothing changed. I went so far as to uninstall and reinstall FSX, but I'm still having the same issue. There must be something I've done wrong. Can anyone point out what it is? I can't wait to get back to flying. Thanks,jrosstx
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I know you uninstalled FSX, but I'm not sure if that also deletes certain configuration files held in the FSX folder of the Windows AppData folder. The two biggest configuration files I would try deleting and letting the Sim remake them automatically would be FSX.cfg and standard.xml found in the Controls folder. You can find these files quickly with the Everything.exe program from voidtools. Everything.exe will find files that have hidden or protected file attributes whether show hidden or protected files is on or not. . Right click the found file and chose open path in the right click context menu. (I never let Everything run in my system tray, but that's just me and my desire to control startup items).


The exact path for all this is C:\Users\[your Windows username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX


I'm not sure if that is the same path used in Windows 10 or 11. Never installed the game in 10 or 11...


The other thing that could be an issue is if that Microsoft keyboard comes with its own software that you installed. Sometimes keyboard software will interfere with things. It's why I don't even mess with it for my Logitech keyboard. Don't even need it unless you want to XOR encrypt your wireless keystrokes... (XOR is, as the kids say, "weak sauce").


Another avenue I'd look down is the possibility of an FSX module interfering with the keyboard.


Additionally, there are small programs that can remap or disable keys. https://www.snapfiles.com/downloadfind.php?action=s&ref=2&st=remap


And you can control things with your voice using VoiceBot. I use VoiceBot for all sorts of things. Namely to control Spotify. And my clown porn...

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