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727 Version 2: List of Additions, Changes and Features

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Greatest Airliners:727 (version 2)


List of changes, additions and features.



* Engine fire handles no longer light up when the fire handle is pulled, they only light in the event of a fire or during the fire circuit test.

* Stab out of trim light now correctly only lights when the trim is outside the normal trim range AND the autopilot is engaged.

* Take-off call outs can now be set using the Airspeed Indicator reference bugs (using the provided performance tables) and have the First Officer correctly call various call-outs during the take-off roll including: ‘fuel flows, normal’, ‘V1, rotate’, ‘V2’ ‘positive rate’ etc

* Hydraulic pressure gauge now displays the correct pressure

* Pneumatic brake pressure gauge now displays the correct pressure

* In the Super27’s, the engine gauges display different values for engine 2 as this engine is different to the other 2



* Engine start switches now operate in flight start as well as ground start

* Dome light switch now operates the VC dome lighting fully independently of all other lighting functions.



* Fire Test can now be done with just the battery on; previously required the APU to be running.

* Fire Test no longer illuminates the Fire Warning Light.

* Pulling the fire handle no longer causes the alarm bell to ring.

* Fuel dump in Transit lights are changed to blue.

* Leading edge flap and slats test switch is now correctly spring loaded to the centre position.



* #2 fuel tank pumps now have a higher output pressure than #1 and #3 tanks and will override those pumps and feed the engines when all cross feeds are open.

* APU Bleed air pressure should now shows 36-42 PSI with no packs on and approx. 15 PSI with packs on. Engine start not possible with packs on.

* Oxygen gauges now show correct levels



* For the Super27’s, the engine 2 reverser handle has been removed (both 2d and VC)

* Transponder is now fully Squawk Box 3 compliant



* The main product now includes 32 liveried 727’s. We are also releasing a further 35 ‘official’ Dreamfleet repaints and these will be available via download for online customers and included on the CD for those that prefer to purchase this way.



* Taxi lighting has been strengthened to illuminate the ground using just taxi lights by themselves

* The control wheel/yokes can now by clicked to remove them from the VC to give a clearer view of the HSI, and of course clicked to bring them back again.

* The Super27’s feature replacement ‘pod’ engines at no.1 and no.3. These are JT8D-217’s (as seen on the MD-80 series) and feature working thrust reverser ‘buckets’. They also have modified engine 2 tailpipes as these aircraft have had the engine 2 thrust reverser mechanism removed as part of their Stage III noise compliance conversion.


The product now includes;


727-100 in both passenger and freighter configurations.

727-100 Super27 with winglets in passenger configuration.

727-200 in both passenger and freighter configurations.

727-200 with winglets in both passenger and freighter configurations.

727-200 Super27 with winglets in both passenger and freighter configurations.


That’s 9 different 727’s, each of which can be setup to use either a conventional analogue flightdeck or an updated semi-glass EFIS one, no VC, hi-resoltion VC or low resolution VC.



Despite being very highly regarded in all internet forums, there were in fact a number of issues that we wanted to address. As a result of hours spent on the telephone with real world current 727 pilots, this update is considered to be not only as accurate as the previous one in terms of it 'flying by the numbers', but also full of the characteristics that make the 727 what it is.


These changes include

* Better ground handling

* Accurate pitch change in reaction to flaps being extended/retracted – you will need to trim!

* Correct reaction to very positive roll control inputs – the spoilerons are now working

* Corrected rudder effect to increase turn rate by ensuring minimal slip in turns – manual rudder input should not be used in turns.

* And of course, the Super27 models include more power, in fact a lightly loaded –100 Super27 will accurately climb at an alarming rate!



* Now include black text and mostly colour pictures

* Additional performance tables added to cover the Super27’s

* Re-edited and now include clickspot links between indexes and information



* This will become available during January 2006 and include an abbreviated printed version of the main manuals included in pdf form. Yes, that’s a printed manual.








Lou Betti


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