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Airport Design Editor and Static Scenery Objects

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I recently created my first scenery (will upload it when fully finished) for 7WA3 airport (West Wind in WA State) and when I'm done with this airport I'm moving on to my big KAWO Project (Arlington Municipal Airport, WA State). Before I began my KAWO Project, I downloaded some extra static aircraft/scenery objects and probably will download some extra hangar objects. However I can't seem to get Airport Design Editor to detect the new scenery objects. After download and extraction, I placed the KB_Static_Aircraft_FSX files (scenery/texture sub-folders within) into Addon Scenery and started FSX to activate it in the Scenery Library. I went to ADE to see if it detected the new static aircraft and it didn't bring anything new. Any help? :confused:


KB_Static_Aircraft_FSX: http://www.alanblencowe.com/FSX/FSX_ModelLibrary.html

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You should really ask such questions in the FSdeveloper forum, which you will find here:




Jon Masterton is very helpful, as are the people who hang out there.


And I believe your problem is that you need to link your object library to ADE, which is possible, I have seen posts to that effect. Then the static aircraft would go in the object library, of course.



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