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Installing Thrustmaster rudder pedals


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I am using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 on an old XP computer.

I just purchased a set of Thrustmaster rudder pedals.


When I read the instructions they did not include an XP computer. I call Thrustmaster, all they said was the drivers might work. When I tried to install the driver, I got a message that it would unable to find an entry point, but I do have a Thrustmaster program installed.


The problem is now that the rudder pedals control the throttle.


Is there any hope that I can use the rudder pedals with my old program and old computer?

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70 I have no answer on my end tried everything Thrustmaster ask and same results Throttle steering to left and rudder up and down when you move the pedals NO RUDDER Action. Waiting on a second reply from Thrustmaster. Did you resolve your issue?


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