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Catastrophic Scenery Problem


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So, I think I may have somehow deleted the default scenery. I did a clean reinstall of the game after having not played it for a while, and found some addon scenery left over from when I flew for Canadian Xpress still installed that no longer worked. I went into the scenery library and just deleted everything it let me, assuming that the one's it wouldn't were the default scenery and that it would be safe. Apparently not, as when I went back to free flight, the only airport in the entire world was Chatham Island, New Zealand. While I'm sure it's very nice in real life, I find it rather lacking for a flight sim. I've verified the file integrity and reinstalled the game twice, the second time literally going through and erasing every trace of the game's existence from the computer in hopes that Steam will reset it, but nothing has worked. What especially confuses me is that it looks like I have scenery. The library shows several enabled areas, including the default scenery and terrain, and steamapps/common/FSX/scenery is showing 10.4GB. I'm running FSX: Steam Edition on Windows 10 64bit.


I took some screenshots of the menus, then teleported over to Vancouver (since I know the area) and took some more of what the whole world outside Chatham Island looks like. It's like the autogen stuff is working, but the terrain mesh is very low-detail and there are no landmarks or airports. Going into the map, VORs, weather stations, and even airspaces are still there, but not the airports themselves. Air traffic also spawns normally, just not on the ground. Christ knows why Chatham Island is randomly okay.




This is supposed to be downtown Vancouver:



The big patch of brushy land to the left is supposed to be CYVR, and the sand is supposed to be water:





I've been playing this game since I was nine years old and would greatly appreciate any help. From where I'm sitting, it almost looks like I'm completely screwed but I know that can't possibly be the case.




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I don't have FSX-SE (have boxed version of Gold) but looking at the screenshots and based on my general knowledge of the FSX you are missing a load of default scenery entries - the boxed editions of FSX certainly has a lot more folders, and on my Gold install is sized at 11.1Gb.


First, look in the FSX\Scenery folder and see what subfolders are there. As well as the entries showing in your screenshots there should entries that contain four digit numbers (0000 to 0007, 0100 to 0107 etc - note you have 0005 as it is referenced, as 0005 BASE ) as well as ones that ID whole areas (EURE, AUST, NAMC etc) plus an entry for the default Addon Scenery location.


If the folders are present, which it would appear to be so as indicated by the size, then you have a number of options.....


1. Enable each area in the FSX Scenery settings page.


2. Locate the Scenery.cfg file - note there are a number of instances of this file in various locations - the one that you need is the one located outside of the main FSX directory. On my system its at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX but you will need to find where the steam version is stored - I believe but am snot sure that if you only had FSX-SE installed it uses default FSX paths but if you have a boxed version installed and then install FSX-SE it uses a different path, possible FSX_SE or FSX-SE. Once located, create a copy of the file for safekeeping and then delete the original. Start FSX and it will build new one based on what it finds.


3. Use the Steam client to verify the install of FSX-SE.


WRT to Chatham displaying correctly - it is probably because it is part of the 0005 BASE area and, as the Default Scenery, Default Terrain and Global, Generic and Vehicles areas are also available, it will display. There are probably other airports that are also available as well




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I have Steam, and my Scenery.cfg file is located here: C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\FSX . That's in Win 7 Pro.

For what it's worth. If you have a different Windows version it may be in a different place.

You can try renaming the .cfg file in your location something like Scenery_BAK.cfg, or, what I do, Scenery.gfc (.cfg backwards...). I BELIEVE the next time you start FSX it will place the "virgin" version of the scenery.cfg file from the FSX folder in the remote location. I may be wrong on that, though.

If not, you can try renaming the one that's there as above, then copy the "virgin" scenery.cfg from your FSX folder to the remote location, then firing up FSX and seeing how things look.

Just a couple of thoughts. I get so few...



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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So, it seems to have worked in that I have my scenery back, but I now can't even get into free flight at all. I press play, the screen goes black for a few seconds, then the game just closes. Sometimes it gives me a crash notice, sometimes nothing. Unfortunately, in my haste and excitement, I forgot to backup the original broken scenery.cfg file like you told me to. This whole thing has just been a series of dumb n00by mistakes :rolleyes: I'm in the process of reinstalling it again, but any advise if that doesn't work? Thanks for getting me this far, though!
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