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NZ Scenery Autogen Project New version 3.0


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A new version has been developed with many many enhancements and fixes to the vegetation and urban structured areas.


Due to the many months of work to improve the accuracy of a number of locations the file size reflects this, 9GB compressed, I think currently it is 3GB.


This version is now 3.0 and I’m sure you will enjoy NZ in its fullness.


If you have any questions about compatibility with other scenery i.e Orbx and how to enable this scenery whilst maintaining the beautiful scenery such as airports then I can assist you, just throw me an email.


The new download is available from my website http://www.nzscenery.co.nz. I am charging for this version due to the many months of work to bring a more complete and accurate presentation of NZ structures and vegetation scenery.


I have not increased the cost of the product even though a lot of work has gone into it but will need a repurchase.


I’ll always provide as much support as possible to help with any concerns or queries.


Kindest Regards


NZScenery Autogen Project.

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