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vTWA Tours and Executive Division


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in view of our developments to become the preferred virtual airline, we recently added some modules.


Beside of our award winning charter operations, we added also a Tour module. From time to time we will add tours with specific aircrafts or tours for specific regions. This is your chance to gain flight hours, awards and FFB miles even faster.


Today, I am proud to announce the addition of our Executive Flight Division. This is now the chance to bring up more aircraft types and flights to our VA. Currently I have added 3 aircrafts to the Executive Flight Division. ACJ318, CRJ200 and Dash8-Q400. Now its your turn. I can add any executive/corporate aircraft you want to our Executive Flight Division. Therefore I need the support of every pilot. let me know what aircraft you would like to fly and I will add it to the fleet.


Pilots can request their Flights, entering all details required in the fields. One of the Operations Managers or Chief Pilots will approve or maybe reject the flight.


The Executive Fleet is always marked with XE in the registration and can not be used for scheduled or charter flights.


The Executive Division is based in KFLL. That does not mean that all flights need to depart from there.


Apply today


All aircrafts and routes can be flown without restrictions in rank or flight hours. All pilots enjoy the freedom to select the aircraft, devision, route, etc. of their choice.




Nationwide, Worldwide, Depend on TWA

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