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Liberty Air Restructure


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US News


Due to current economic interests in the US market, Liberty Air has deemed it necessary to reduce the number of US based hubs from 5 to 3. KJFK, KORD and KPDX will remain active as Liberty Air US based hubs. Liberty Air will close KMIA and KLAX within the next 72 hours. Pilots from KMIA and KLAX will be transferred to KORD immediately upon closure of their respective hub.


UK News

After ongoing talks with London Gatwick regarding landing Prices, Fuel costs etc it is with deep regret that all our operations at Gatwick have now been transfered to EGSS London Stansted.


This will be our New Hub for the South East of the UK, all Pilots based at Gatwick have been transfered to Stansted.


It's also looking like our London Heathrow operations will also be transferred to Stansted in the near future.




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