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A2A Cessna 182 vs Comanche

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Hi all,


Thanks in advance for any insight you provide.


Does anyone own both the Cessna 182 and the Piper Comanche from A2A? How do they impact framerates?


Originally I planned on purchasing the 182, but I really like the idea of having a plane with retractable gear. Does Accu-sim simulate gear failure due to lack of maintenance?


Thanks again!

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I personally have zero framerate issues with any of the A2A GA airplanes. The two (the 182 and the PA-24) are virtually equal in terms of fps impact. Perhaps a decrease of 5fps over default aircraft?


I have to admit I am partial towards the Comanche particularly because of ... the retractable gear. The high speed afforded by the reduced drag makes the Comanche an excellent cross-country airplane. If you have some quality VFR scenery, this is the plane you want to go explore them in.


As for simulating gear failures, I'm not sure to be honest. A2A usually does an incredible job at simulating just about every basic aspect of aircraft maintenance, so I wouldn't be surprised if you suffer a gear collapse following an excessively hard landing, or any other failure simulation along those lines.


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Hi Folks,


I have both - I think I prefer the Comanche as well overall... The Comanche has a bigger engine and more speed... I've also just recently started flying the C182 in earnest in P3Dv3.4 and I'm having some FDE/Autopilot issues with it that I don't have with the Cherokee or Comanche...






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