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joe tut

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I have a new Lenovo 710 pc with windows 10. I installed fsx / acc. X, and now I cannot get my textures, and planes to show up after I extract them, and transfer them over to fsx files.. my textures show up in fsx/ 737, but when I open my fsx game there no there under my aircrafts. Hope this is understandable.. have a had time with wins 10, but not giving up. I just today got my PartMgr figured out. also my system crashes a lot. Thanks for you help.. joe
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WRT the missing textures -


Ensure that the 'show all variations' option is ticked. It s little box located at the bottom of the aircraft selections page.


I would also investigate more WRT the system crashes and get that sorted before trying to sort out FSX problems, as they may be the reason why you are having some of the FSX related issues.....




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