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Saitek panel problems


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Trying to reply. New to this. Downloaded info have not installed yet. Want to finish this.

I read file talk about possible blue screen. Don't want that. Will try loading tonight. Thanks for suggestion. Will let know outcome.

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Download and install the freeware FSUIPC. Fsx needs it to communicate with Saitek gear.





Installed fsuipc files. Message no longer comes up about fsuipc file. Switch panel still will not work. Talker to Saitek and tried some things that they suggested like a change in a .exe file. Still no changes and panel will not work. Really lost at this point. Is this just not going to work. I have Saitek yoke, throttle and foot pedals, they all work fine but not the switch panel. If the switch panel would work correctly, would in show up in the FSX settings window as an item to select and then assign key functions. I asked the Saitek people that question and they didn't know. Saitek people don't have answers. I am not a computer technician and find the solution difficult. ANY SUGGESTION. Thanks.

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Is this issue with Saitek panels normal? I'm getting ready to plunk down lots of hard earned money for the cockpit with all gauges and this topic is really making me nervous. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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I have used Saitek panels radio, auto pilot and switches for some years with both FSX and P3D. Two things,


The hardware is good, the software isn't. If you can get FSUIPC installed and then download the excellent (free) Spad they function noticeably better.


Secondly and this VITAL, connect the panels to a POWERED USB HUB of very good quality. A cheapo hub won't cut it. Using seperate sockets on the motherboard is ok if the motherboard usb power supply is up to standard (i.e. again a cheap motherboard with poor voltage regulation/supply could cause occasional issues)


Having said all that I wouldn't be without the panels and they are essential to my (sort of) generic simpit.



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