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Calling all FSX Car Developers and Riggers !


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Auto Race Simulation in FSX has become very exciting these days, but we need more cars.


There are lots more Freeware Cars on queue to get published for download by AutoSportsSimulations.com, but Le Mans 4 FSX as an example, deserves a lot more cars for selection as soon as possible.


This Thread is to provide a focal point for FSX car developers which could include modelers, riggers/animators, and FDE engineers.


You could have one of these skills or all of them. Also , there are folks that also would want to chime in on this where in learning , we can all build great cars -


When you think of it, its a very exciting frontier for FSX and Steam FSX. Auto Racing actually began in the 1920's, or perhaps earlier. It has had an evolutionary path that has involved many innovations from many people.


Sim Auto Racing in FSX is very much like this. It has innovation and calls for innovation. That's one of the very reasons FSX is used by Auto Sports Simulations. Another reason is that Racing Vehicles take on a lot of aircraft attributes, and FSX cars can inherit them like Air Brakes to slow you to 90 MPH from 270 in a snap! ( thank NapaMule for his innovation in working with this )


FSX itself, and the world that it has become represents innovation from many skilled folks in the community -


These same skills can be put into crafting Great Race Vehicles too as well as just every day ones that you can drive in the virtual world of FSX on cool race tracks!


So Come on and pitch in - make some great cars, either freeware, or perhaps even payware while FSX enters into a new era of innovation -



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Hi folk!


first let me say that I am a 3D-modeller or a designer but no tuner. So I have some doubt if you can win with my available cars a Le Mans race. I have provided allready some cars in the last years and a Porsche 918 Spyder and RSR will come soon; later also a BMW i8. Now I expect other simmers to improve the FDEs AND to provide it to the community.

I have in the moment that cars available: Mercedes 300 SL from the 50th as roadster and as gullwing, James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 with most of the gadgets Sean Connery has used in the movie, Batmobile from the 60th also with some gadgets, Toyota Celica Liftback from the 80th and my previously upgrated Porsche 911 GT2 from the 90th in 6 paintschemes (the uncompleted betaversion was from Jessie Corrales). All of my models has many animations, photorelistic 2D panels and matching VCs.


The attached pictures showes the almost completed Porsche 918 in 3 variants.


In the video here in that forum I miss even rolling wheels!



Erwin Welker

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