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GPS glitch or approach glitch??


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Hello all.


Not sure what to make of this...


I used ADE9 to add a GPS approach to a tiny stock runway (KWBW)...the last leg of the transition was a HM.


I had ASSUMED....my stock c172 with stock Garmin GPS 500 - would hold in the 4NM teardrop oval...but it doesnt.


- if I do nothing....she makes ONE orbit then continues to the next leg (1st leg of approach)....IF I suspend (OBS push-button) she orbits around the hold waypoint fix in a tight circle and does NOT fly the hold pattern.


Is this:


1 a glitch in the GPS 500

2. a glitch in the way I wrote the approach (looks similar to others)

3. a glitch in my thinking


I also...did a transition with a HF leg....and again...she does a single orbit (as it SHOULD) and continues on..

but if a SUSPend sequencing (midway thru the first hold )..she orbits at the waypoint in a very tight turn...and NOT the 4NM oval pattern.


my transition was: IF,TF,HF

my approach was: IF,TF,TF

my missed was: CA, DF, HM


any thoughts folks??

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You may want to ask in their support forum. ADE is very complicated, especially when you add GPS waypoints, approaches and what have you. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forums/airport-design-editor.95/


I wish I could help, but I never messed with ADE all that much and when I did I could not hardly figure it out at all. One day I have to learn this because there are some airports I downloaded that the author used ADE for and I can't use AFX to edit the AFCAD.

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Will do. I'll try and find a stock airport and do a GPS approach....and see if the AP keeps the hold...that would tell me which is wrong....(thinking)....then I could use ADE and see what is different in the approach legs than mine.



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INTERESTING.....I flew a stock airport gps approach...and it was into the missed hold and keep it...worked perfectly. I then imported that into the ADE9 tool..


it seems it used a HM leg with a time 1 min....vs a distance 4nm setting.


I set mine to time 1 min....and it worked...

so its something with a distance hold...not sure why.

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Let me ask all the pilots this... if your approach has a holding pattern as part of the transition (a 'HF' leg)....if you switch the gps to SUSPend sequencing--does it continue to fly the holding pattern (racetrack), or does it just hold AT the waypoint (in a tight circle)? maybe I'm wrong--but I think the gps would just continue to repeat the pattern until SUSP is off and it continues to the next leg.
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