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Jetwave Airlines


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Jetwave is a San Diego-based VA that operates the Boeing 737 to destinations across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Charters and VATSIM fly-ins to non-scheduled destinations across the globe diversify our operations. Join today and be a part of our kick-off event!


Freeware user? No messy setup here. Our installers do the work for you, hassle free.

Fleet, AFCAD for hub, and an AI package are all included.




New to FS or interested in VATSIM? Our training program takes you step-by-step through the process, focusing on what matters and not getting bogged down in details not related to flying. The tutorial walks you through a flight, including everything from planning, communicating with ATC, and navigating SIDs & STARs, allowing you to see how concepts apply to execution.




Already have your feet under you? Come on over and join up for some group flights. Every brief contains all the planning information you need for a flight, allowing you to load up and go.





Hope to see you with us in the skies soon.

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