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FS2004 Airport - Brisbane West Wellcamp


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Brisbane West Wellcamp YBBW airport is well and truly up and running. No airport builders seem to have created one for FS2004. Only rudimentary freeware for FSX. Hope some expert out there can create YBBW for FS2004 as freeware as it is non existent in the default FS world.
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Sorry to bring up a 'old' thread (never understood the reasoning behind not being able to)...


...but I wonder if anyone is interested in doing this one?


It's an amazing story of the building of this family owned new airport in Australia. Built by a family with a construction business. They basically did the whole lot themselves. Now it has several rpt flights along with a weekly 748 freighter service to HKG I believe. Amazing story.

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The Wellcamp story is quite amazing. It's west of Toowoomba on the Darling Downs, Queensland. They have major freight these days, delivering fresh farm produce into Asian markets: a vegetable or fruit picked this morning is on the supermarket shelf tomorrow morning in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai. 747 freighters fly regularly.
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