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Christmas Present from the Ford Project Team


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Hi Good People,


Merry Christmas from the Ford Project Team


The Ford Project Team has released 12 NEW liveries for the Boeing B221A Monomail aircraft.


Australian livery with historical Australian images

American livery with patriotic American artwork

German rendition if one had been captured by the Germans before the war

Diamond Gold Transporter, a fanciful full golden metallic effect tinker




Russian Air Force - a unique camouflage experiment

Circus as a tribute to Barnum and Bailey's Greatest show on earth

Kenya African Adventure Tours - a colourful African Tour livery

KLM Livery representing the theme used by KLM during the 1930's




Royal Air Force Transport Command - a camouflage theme from left to right over all surfaces

Marvel Comics livery - Super Hero's rendition of some famous Marvel Hero's

Blackhawk Livery for the DC Comic Book Hero's of Blackhawk Squadron

Gulf Oil Livery - yet another Oil Company livery :-)




These 12, and 38 other liveries for the Boeing B221a Monomail are all available at:


http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/misc-2-aircraft.htm#Boeing 221A


Again wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas from the Ford Project Team


Don't forget - everything on the Ford Tri-Motor Project web site is for FREE.

Also remember to check out the fun Jigsaw Puzzles via the Puzzles page.


We might even have a Secret Blackhawk Squadron Base inside a mountain scenery pack early in the new year for some fun flying.




Your Ford Project Team

Edward Moore and

Garry J. Smith

Garry J. Smith (Texture Tinkerer)

Home Site http://www.gjsmith.net

Project Site http://www.ford-tri-motor.net

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