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Muskogee, OK to Poteau, OK


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Took my new A2A Piper Cherokee (courtesy of the IRS) on a short hop from Davis Field (KMKO) in Muskogee, Oklahoma to Robert S. Kerr Airport (KRKR) in Poteau, Oklahoma. Taking in the views of the rivers and mountains that make up Eastern Oklahoma.


Departing KMKO

32664908630_e544abf7aa_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-010-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


View of the Arkansas River

32891024642_1446c56002_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-011-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


Front view of this beautiful aircraft

33005279846_ef40971181_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-015-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


Interstate 40

32891028222_8fc08eabbb_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-016-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


Where the Arkansas and Canadian Rivers meet with Robert S. Kerr Reservoir in the distance.

33005281156_495053bc69_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-017-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


Approaching Poteau and the Ouachita Mountains

32920351861_4819a75e1b_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-027-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


Cavanal Mountain

32920349601_11614418c3_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-034-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


Turning onto Final

33047040065_b531544606_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-039-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


Short Final

32231800803_c55b9a738b_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-041-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr


Parked and Tied Down with Cavanal Mountain in the background.

33047041365_a1801ab862_b.jpgFSX-2017-feb-22-042-2 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr

PC Specs: MSI GE60 (laptop, useful for school)/ Intel I7-4710HQ @ 2.5GHz/ 8GB RAM/ 1TB HDD/ 128GB SSD/ nVidia GTX 850M/ CH Eclipse Yoke/ CH Pro Pedals/ TrackIR 5 Scenery That I Use: ORBX FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC NA, Trees HD, FreemeshX, REX Texture Direct w/ SC.
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Very nice post, David, your Cherokee is very nice and beautifully displayed. I can't help but think, if you like the Cherokee, that you wouldn't like the CLS Arrow II. The Arrow II was piper's attempt to create a retractable, four place plane, and they used the Cherokee as the base. Several years ago, CLS (Commercial Level Simulations) modeled the Arrow II and made it available as a payware plane. The plane was less than a success due to poorly modeled flight characteristics. However, the basics (the eye-candy) was very well done. The CLS payware plane was a bust, and eventually they made it available for $0.00. Since it was marketed at zero cost, a very capable guy (Tiger1962) went to work on a fix and not only nailed the performance characteristics, but added elements that Piper had included that CLS had not. The free version of the CLS Arrow II patched with the Tiger1962 fix is a great airplane. If you like the Cherokee, you'll love the early Arrow... and the price is right! I did a review which was posted on this site almost a year ago (https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?295828-Finally-my-Arrow-II&highlight=cls+arrow). The review includes all the ingredients you need to add a very respectable Arrow II to your hangar. Good luck!
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