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Does Chase Plane solve the EZDOK camera shifting problem?


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Hi everyone!


First of all, excuse me if I make any mistakes, as I am new to this forum. I've been an EZDOK user for quite a long time, and recently bought the upgrade to EZDOK V2. Not long after that, I bought the newly released PMDG QOTS II. I had a problem in this aircraft (in FSX), which was that my camera position kept shifiting whenever I made a turn. After googling this problem I found out that it's not possible to solve this problem, only minimize it. Is there anyone who has some experience which Chase Plane who can confirm or deny that Chase Plane fixes this camera problem?

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I ended up buying ChasePlane anyway because of the features they promise to add in the future. I saw on my profile that this thread had quite a bit of views, so my guess is that more people have this question. After jumping in the PMDG 747 V3 to do a quick test I can confirm that ChasePlane does fix this problem! However, note that I have only done one test so don't take my word for it. However I'm relatively sure it does fix the EZDOK problem.
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