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I am going to need a new desktop to replace my Dell Inspirion XPS that was destroyed, but all the new PCs, everybrand seems to have Windows 10, will FSX Gold work on a Windows 10? If not, what are my options, if any.





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FSX Gold has worked for me under Win 10 since 2 months after Win 10 came out. The only problems I have had have been self-induced.


But, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.


First of all, install FSX outside - repeat: OUTSIDE - the default location, install it to for example C:\FSX, or better still, to a second hard drive. This is to keep FSX out of the reach of UAC, and will save you a lot of trouble later on, when you install addons.


Second, search the threads in this forum for uiautomationcore.dll. Follow the instructions of where to put the file you get to the letter.


Third, go to the top of this forum and find the sticky with Kosta's tweaking guide. A lot of reading, but worth every second.


All this applies no matter what kind of a system you'll be getting. If you have some leeway, be sure to get a system with an Intel CPU and a nVidia graphics card, and DDR4 RAM. But you might want to look into building your own rig, it's not difficult at all and you get exactly the components you want.


Final bit of advice: get a power supply that yields more wattage than you think you may need....



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Hi Hibo,


Yes, Gold will run on Win 10 - I have been running it on Win 10 for year or so now, as has many other users. There are a few (now) well known and documented issues that may arise. Most, for the main part are easy to overcome, though some that you may encounter will take a little harder work to resolve.


Search the FSX forum using the advanced search option and the phrase FSX and Win 10 - it will bring up loads threads with all the info you need.


As your OS install will be a new vanilla one, I suggest that you do the following before installing FSX.


1. Run Windows Update to get the latest updates. Window will run it automatically at some stage but its better to run it yourself. As the new PC will have been 'sitting' in the store for a time the current install will be out of date this could be by a few weeks to by months. Be aware that a major Win 10 update was released in Oct 2016 (known as the Anniversary Update) and so the updates may take awhile.


2. Download the DirectX (DX) V9 ReDistribution package from the Microsoft website to a temp location and then run the installer wilh admin rights. Make sure you get the versions relevant to the bit version of the OS - if 32-bit only the 32-bit versions is required, if 64-bit then both the 32 AND 64-bit versions are required - install the 32 bit version first, reboot and then install the 64-bit version. DX9 is required by FSX but Win 10 only ships with DX10 and DX11 installed. The aforementioned Anniversary update introduced support for DX12. Do not install the DX9 that is included on the FSX discs - it is well out of date (from 2006). A note here WRT DX packages - they are all standalone so installing one version will not have any affect on others installed.


3. Install FSX into a dedicated folder outside of the default suggested location. This is because some users experience security issues when installing into the default location (which is C:\Program Files (x86)\..........). I suggest in root area of the drive, at C:\FSX for example or, if your new rig has two drives fitted install it on the second drive at D:\FSX for example.


Other options to look at if you feel the need not to go with Win 10, is to purchase a copy of Win 7 or 8, but IMO there is no need for that. As stated, I use it successfully on Win 10 and all the info you need to successfully run it is available in the forum.




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