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Carenado B350i King Air HD SERIES problems, won't stay in the air


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Hi there, this is a great plane but does it work? I take off and everything is perfect, then after a few minutes Prepar3D says the engines are off, even though from the outside shows them running, the gage shows they are off and you cannot restart them. I contacted support but nothing yet. My guess it is windows 10 and the installer, it does have problems. My computer experience is excellent. I tried everything to get this to work. It runs for about 2 minutes in the air and then it looses control, just like a real plane when the right engine dies and then the left.


Since this did not work I took a risk and go this one C90 GTX King Air HD Series, it has the same problem.


I have no idea why I purchase another Carenado but this one is perfect and has no problem

Carenado H25B H850XP HD Series


Any help would be great, I do like the King Air Twin even though P3d does come with one, but these 2 are nice.

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