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Airport found in GPS1000 but not in FMC


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Ok.. I have a Citation CJ and has the FMC and the Phenom 100 that has the GPS1000... The GPS1000 will find my airport I made in RWY12, but the FMC says it isn't in the database..... How do I get it in the database?


HP H8 1360T, I7-3770, CPU 3.40GHZ, 8 GB RAM, 64bit OS, AMD Radeon HD7570 :pilot:
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It sounds like your FMC has its own database. A lot of these FMC's get their data from Navigraph.


This is why the default FS GPS can list my own created airport, but the FMC in the PMDG 737 won't list it. They use two different databases.

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