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secondary ssd

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running out of room on current ssd want to add 2nd ssd will I still be able to intergrate downloads to fsx ( say I want to download lc south America from orbx when it comes out can I still do it or will it not recognize the path ) I guess what I'm asking will the new ssd be a stand alone or an addition to the existing ssd . hope I'm clear.
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New SSD will be a separate partition if you just add it.


What I would do:

1-use image software to save image of the current ssd. Store that image on an external harddisk.


2-Switch off pc. Attach new ssd (and to be sure, you can disconnect the old ssd.).


3-Restore image. So use image software to place extract the image from the external hd to the new ssd.


(At that point the new, empty, ssd is attached, and the old ssd is not. so you wonder, how to run the image software without an OS????

You need it to restore the image...


Well, simple really. The image software has an option to make a usb boot disk. That can boot the pc and then run the image software.

That is the only program you can run with that boot disk, but that's ok as it's all you need.

So, before disconnecting the current ssd, make the boot-usb stick.)


4-the contents of the image is now restored to the new ssd. and that's the only one that's attached.

Shut down the pc, and remove the boot stick with the image program.

Then boot the pc.

Your OS, and everything else that was there, will be transferred to the new SSD. So that will start right up.

You can continue where you left off.


Browse arounfd the pc for a while to make absolutely sure all partitions, etc from the old ssd have been transferred.


(In case something went wrong, you still have the unchanged old ssd, so you won't loose anything.)


5-When you are sure that all is copied to the new ssd ok:


6-Extend the partition.

Lets say the old ssd had 1 partition. C

and size was 256 gb

and new ssd is 512 GB

then after the image restore, the partition on the new ssd will be... 256 gb.

on the new ssd the other 256 gb is still unpartitioned space.


go to the "Disk Management" section in control panel. Select the drive, and choose: "Extend Partition"

Enter the new size you want, or just select "Entire Disk".

After that the partition will be 512 GB.



7-Attach the old ssd.

Make sure in BIOS that the first disk the computer tries to start is the new ssd.


8-once you get in windows check that C is listed as 512 GB.

If it is, then the old ssd wil be listed as a different drive letter, 256GB


All the files wil still be on it. But, those are the same as are on the new ssd now.

So, check a final time that there is nothing on the old C drive you forgot to put on the new c drive.

No other partitions on the old ssd either??


Still, sleep on it a night. No rush.


9-When you are absolutely 100% sure, delete everything from the old ssd, or format it.



You will then have extra space on C. 256 GB worth.

You can continue using the folder structure you are using now.

No need for "hangar folders", or scenery on separate partitions.

Just continue where you left off.


Plus, you have an empty 256 drive.



Storing an image with an image program takes little time. Mine does it in less then an hour for the 150gb of data on my ssd.

And restoring takes about 20 minutes.


It's a great way to make a backup too in case you do risky system file related things.

Just make an image, do your risky stuff. If it goes wrong, restore the image, and carry on as if nothing happened.


I make try to make an image of C about once a week/2weeks just as backup.


Also great if you accidentally install a virus. Just restore an image from before the virus was there.

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What you should have done from the jump is have a SSD has primary which you have and then a second HDD that is a normal 1TB platter as a spill over. On the 1TB platter I would place applications and stuff you don't necessary need speed.


As to your question whether you can install addon scenery and have FS see it depends on the scenery. I have installed Mega scenery myself on a second hard drive and was loaded from that hard drive with the entry placed in the scenery.cfg file that points to its location on the second disk. So in the scenery.cfg file it would have an entry like, D:\\scenery\Mega scenery.


If you want to buy a bigger SSD and just use that instead of two SSDs, then a clone will be in order. To clone, attach the bigger SSD in your computer and run AOMEI Backuper which is free. Chose the clone option. Chose align partition. Chose the source which would be your current SSD and then chose the destination, which would be your bigger SSD.


Once the clone is complete detach your old SSD and when you boot your computer the new SSD will be the new boot drive.



Does this make sense?

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Also great if you accidentally install a virus. Just restore an image from before the virus was there.


There's a great piece of software called Rollback Rx which creates snapshots of your current PC state. It provides a boot loader when you boot the computer. You press the Home key on the keyboard and use the arrow keys and ALT keys to navigate. From here you can select a previous PC state. This is great if you do get a virus or muck something up and want to instantly restore your PC to a previous sate. It's like system restore, but even better.


The only thing about this software is the backups are placed on your current hard drive. This if you get ransomware and the whole PC becomes encrypted you can't restore. Also, if the hard drive fails you won't have backups. Another thing is if you use Truecrypt, Veracrypt or something else that uses a bootloader, Rollback Rx will mess it up. But all in all, Rollback Rx is great to have in addition to external clones.

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