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FSX ILS parameters


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I have been using G. Munro's New GPS for some time now and love it. It is such a user friendly gauge in comparison the Garmin GPS 500 series.


I have a question, which I hope someone can shed some light on, in regards to the functionality of the "Activate" button on the GPS. It is not actually whether this function works or not (it does) but what parameters from FSX does your GPS need for the "Activate" function to work.


I recently bought the iBlueYonder rendition of Nantucket Island (KACK). Superbly done. Well, almost! Upon initial installation, I immediately noticed that ILS for runways 6 & 24 were missing. I made mention of this to the author and he acknowledged they were inadvertently left out. At any rate, that was corrected in Service Pack 1. With that, I immediately set up a local flight plan from KORH to KACK. As I crossed KPVD enroute to KMVY, I clicked the "Activate" button to provide a path to the ILS for runway 24. Nothing happened. The GPS would not "Activate" to set up a path to the ILS for Rwy 24. So I decided to do a reverse flight from KACK to KORH and about 20 miles out from KORH, I clicked the "Activate" button and it all worked as designed.


In summary, KACK is the only airport where the "Activate" does not work, and hence my question, what data does FSX need for an ILS approach to be picked up by a GPS? It appears that whatever the data required, has not been incorporated in the iBlueYonder version of KACK. I posed this question on the iBlueYonder forum, but no one has answered, perhaps because no one knows. Would like to hear from anyone who is using G. Munro's New GPS and has the IBlue Yonder KACK. Can you activate the GPS to set a path to either runway 6 or 24?



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