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AI Re-Painting Help

Jack Frankie

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Airlines That Should Be Painted For FSX {By Me Or Help}


Seaborne Airlines - Caribbean Carrier - Fleet Of 8 - SF34 - Saab 340B - Hub - SJU

Air Caraibes - French-Caribbean Carrier - Fleet of 10 All Together - 1 A333, 4 A332, 1 A350, 3 AT75, 1 AT76 - Hub - ORY

Air Canada Rouge - Canadian Carrier - Fleet of 21 B763's - Hub - YYZ

Insel Air Aruba - Caribbean Carrier - Fleet Of 4 Fokker 70's - Hub - CUR, SDQ

AmeriJet - Cargo Carrier - Fleet of 4 B722 - Hub MIA

DHL - Caribbean Charter - 4 C208B's - Hub - NEV, SKB


{SXM Airlines}


Those Repaints have not been painted for FSX, or is not in working condition for AI!


So other then DXTBmp., can I use GIMP instead of Photoshop?

What other software do I need to use?

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If you can't find a paint kit you can copy the folder of an existing paint.

rename the copy to:


(where xxxxx is any name you choose.)


edit that.

then add it as a new texture to the plane, by creating a new:


section in the panel.cfg

below the Fltsim sections there are now.

in that section needs to be the line:


(with xxxxx the exact same wording as in the bit above).


To thest how it looks in fsx:

add a random panel folder from an aircraft to this one.

rename to: panel.test

then in the [FltsimXX] section for this plane change:





That way this plane in this texture shows in the aircraft selection menu. So you can see how it looks in fsx.

(If you would leave the panel folder name as "panel" all of this aircrafts textures would show up. By renaming it to "panel.test" you prevent that happening.)


If you plan to upload your creation you should ask other creators permission if you use files of their repaints.



If the install was correct, you can then use AIFP to create a flightplan for it.


You can have more then one trafficplan for a plane by the way. They won't interfere with each other, and all happily use that same plane at the same time.

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