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Different alt readouts in different views


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Hello there!


My first post :o


Playing 2002, I get different readouts on the altimeter, anybody knows why that is? They are VERY different. Say, in the cockpit I see 1,200 feet whereas when I press W and go to full-screen view with the Big-6 I get 4 thousand feet. It's extremely annoying as I have to switch between views to get a correct reading amidst doing a heap of different stuff.


I do know about the B key but no use here.


Thank you in advance!


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Hi Shem,


Welcome to the forum.


Its been a long time since I have used 2002 (currently running FSX) but a possible reason for the difference in height could be simply and one that is relevant to all versinos of the sim and real world flying.


One reading is given as the 'Barometric or true' alt (I.E above Sea level - in this case 4000') and the second figure is the Radio Alt (RADALT) reading (1200') which is derived from the distance between the A/Cs current height and the terrain being flown over.


So, for example, if you take off from an airport located on the coast and fly out to sea at 4000' both readings should be similar but if you fly over a island the RADALT figure will fluctuate as you fly over the terrain.


Hope this helps.....




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