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Altitude readout


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I am looking for a file that calls out the altitude on approach. I have lost all of my downloads when I had computer problems and can't locate it. There were a couple of them and the one I was using started at 2500 ft. Any help is appreciated.
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Your best approach would be to search for panel files with the term "call out" or "altitude" if the first doesn't work.


ie, use the search function here and look under FS2002, FS2004, or even FS2000 panels then enter "call out" in the lower box.


You could also try an author's name like "david durst" if you have no luck.


The basic idea of a search is to also look at the "readme" files for the download before you do the actual download. You'll also want to check to see if .wav files are included in the download.

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