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Need help. Possible scenery/DX10 issue.


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Hi. 1st time post, but been trolling around this site for some time. I need some help. Ive had FSX for several years. My version is the original 3 disc set that includes acceleration expansion disc. My rig for the game... I built from scratch.

ASUS Z97-a mobo

I-5 4690k processor

Nvidia GeForce GTX750ti video card

8gb Kingston HyperX Fury RAM

500 gb HDD



Fsx was mostly stock except for a bunch of freeware airports i downloaded from either here or avsim... I have Orbx KCGX and FTX base, vector and openlc NA. I also have GSX

Fsx worked great for about a year.. then fsx randomly was crashing.... just crashing straight to desktop.... so...

I completely uninstalled everything.... and reinstalled.... now i have an issue with the ground scenery....i have a few screen shots




Just a quick screenshot to explain that all my "grass", even though its winter time, looks like "static".......... fuzzy......runways and regular water is fine.... but since FTX Global vector has an option for ice... Lake Michigan looks "goofy"... er..Staticy....

Now FSX worked great before.. so what am i missing?????

I have the payware version installed of Steve's DX10 fixer.... and have dx10 boxed clicked... because dx10 gives me higher frame rates.....I followed the Nvidia tweak http://www.simforums.com/forums/drivers-nv-inspector-fsxcfg-complete-guide_topic36586.html.......

i swear i had this issue last year setting up my system... but cant remember the fix.... any help[ to steer my in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks.

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Did you try rebuilding the FSX.cfg? Just rename the current one and it will rebuild it for you. You might want to also try repairing FSX. I don't know how you repair on boxed edition, but you can find that information somewhere on the web.

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