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Question about Rex4 + AS16 + ASCA + Envtex / Worthy?


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Add-ons are like candy and I love them, but it eats money and sometimes it's not even clear if they help. Therefor I hope you could provide with some experience on this.


To me it make sense to just use AS16 + ASCA + Envtex. However, Rex4 + Soft clouds got my attention. And Rex4 could change the grass @ airports. The other's don't as far as I know.


1) It makes me feel pay double, for the same stuff

2) Combining provide the best looks


Is it worthy to get them all? Or is it waste of money? I'd like the idea of having better grass textures at airports (Rex4). But it also allows soft clouds to have better clouds (I also got Envtex however, but sometimes the clouds look bad, like.. there is no texture for that kinda cloud).



  • The default airport grass is not nice, compared to Orbx > Rex4
  • The clouds from Envtex are stunning, but some look really dull and fake (looks like default to me) > Soft Cloud / ASCA?


Another option is to get Rex Airports to fix the grass too. And keep the skies / clouds to AS16 / ASCA and Envtex.

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Sounds like a waste to me, but it's up to you. I suggest you start with AS16 w/ASCA and see how you like the looks. I don't use Envtex - I use GEX because sky textures are taken care of by ASCA, but you might wish to give it a go. With those in place I think REX would be a waste of money.



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