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Panel configuring

Kenneth Birdsong

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I've used the software FS Panel Studio to mod panels. You can even mod the virtual cockpit, but you either copy paste the same gauge location and match the position otherwise it won't show up or look right. Moding the 2D panel is very easy to do. It's been invaluable software.


I should note that in many virtual cockpits the gauges are built into the model, thus those can't be altered. But not all the gauges are.

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I customize almost all of my 2-D panels. The latest payware seem to skip 2-D panels, putting in 3-D VC panels.


I add a new panel folder under the aircraft main folder, and call it panel.new or something like new. Then in the a/c config, under the panel reference enter new. Then your 2D panel will work, and you can customize at will. It probably won't match the vc.

Good luck.

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