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Updated Cancun MMUN/CUN Scenery?


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Hello FSX Simmers,


Just a quick question. Does anyone know of any payware scenery developers currently in the process, or planning to do, a newer version of Cancun Intl Airport for FSX? The last major release was by Aviation Multimedia Studios in 2012. It is a great scenery don't get me wrong, but the airport layout has changed so much in real life since 2012 and the lower res scenery & textures are starting to show their age compared to some of my newer FSX scenerys.


I poked around a few websites but couldn't find any concrete evidence of a new CUN in development. Kind of sad for such a great airport in a beautiful location that sees 22+ million people per year to have such an outdated scenery. Just my opinion. I would love to see Aerosoft or ORBX do up CUN with the love it deserves!

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