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WIP: KMSY - Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport with New Terminal

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It looks like New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu wants to add some pizzazz to KMSY (finally!). He has unveiled plans for

on the north side of the airport. So with some of the plans released and me itching to build again after a hard drive crash resulted in the loss of a lot of FSX projects :mad:, I figured I'd start small and in my home state. So, with that said, here's how New Orleans International could look in 20 years based on real-world current master plans and proposals submitted to the mayor's office, including a proposed new commuter rail station linking the airport to both New Orleans and Baton Rouge:




A two-pier terminal is desired by 2018 (New Orleans's tricentennial), but the future three-pier terminal is what I'm using to accommodate more traffic in the sim environment. For this project, all buildings are scratch-built in SketchUp or are FSX default. There are parking spots for air service (actual and planned) operating or announced as of December 1, 2014 (Air Canada Express, Alaska, Allegiant, American/US Airways, Delta/Northwest, FedEx, Frontier, JetBlue, People Express, Southwest/AirTran, Spirit, Sunwing, United/Continental and UPS).


I'm working on the textures now (most will be FSX default), but if anyone wants to take what I have for a spin, send me a message with your email address and I'll zip it up for you.

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A quick shot of the new terminal...finally got the night lighting halfway decent.




WOW! That is a beauty! Might fly through that scenery later!

1+1=cow :p

"WE jumped out a WINdow!" -Baymax (from Big Hero 6)

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