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Neat airplane models - metal & fairly cheap!


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Hi all,


I made a purchase from an Amazon seller around 2 weeks ago - I found a metal, 16cm long model of a Boeing 747 Virgin Atlantic on a stand which I thought would look good sitting on my desk, which it does!


If you aren't aware of these and want to have a look - Take a look! Took a little while to arrive because it was direct from China but I am definitely happy with it! Would make a perfect gift for an aviation lover, or just to treat yourself!


> Amazon.co.uk Seller Page


He's got all sorts for sale - 737, 747, 777, 787, a320, a330, a380 .. all sorts of liveries too! You name it he's most likely got it!


Which one do you like the most? I might buy an Emirates A380.. I love that plane! :cool:




> Emirates Airbus A380 16cm Model - Amazon.co.uk


Some more links to other popular planes below...


> Boeing 787 Dreamliner Qantas 16cm Model - Amazon.co.uk

> Boeing 747 Virgin Atlantic 16cm Model - Amazon.co.uk

> Boeing 747 Qantas 16cm Model - Amazon.co.uk


Many more.. Simply search them! :)

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I have a couple commercial aircraft models and some military aircraft models as well. Some are plastic and some are metal. I bought them all on eBay.


Here's what I have:


Continental 757-200 (I think that's what it is with the 200 designator)


South West 737-600 My fav plane to fly in the Sim. So I had to buy it.


Delta Airlines Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics livery CRJ-200.


F117A Stealth fighter


B-2A stealth Bomber


F-22 Raptor


I also have the main black project A/C in micro machine form that sits on my computer.




Blank Manta




I want a U2 model, but they are VERY expensive. I have the Alphasim U2 in FS2004. That plane doesn't take very much for lift off. But flys very slow.


Here's a tidbit. The U2 engines are the same as what's used in the B2.

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I collect Gemini Jets 1:400 models. Couldn't tell you which ones I have since I have far too many to even try to list (142, to be exact).

Captain Kevin


Air Kevin 124 heavy, wind calm, runway four left, cleared for take-off.

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