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Cardinal over the Olympic Mountains


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Little sightseeing flight in the cloudy early morning hours over the Olympic Mountains, Washington.

Using Alabeo Cessna 177RG Cardinal, ORBX FTX Global and Vector, Freemesh X, and REX Texture Direct v4 with Softclouds.


32339022946_808676d94b_b.jpgC177 Olympic National Park by David Covarrubias, on Flickr

PC Specs: MSI GE60 (laptop, useful for school)/ Intel I7-4710HQ @ 2.5GHz/ 8GB RAM/ 1TB HDD/ 128GB SSD/ nVidia GTX 850M/ CH Eclipse Yoke/ CH Pro Pedals/ TrackIR 5 Scenery That I Use: ORBX FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC NA, Trees HD, FreemeshX, REX Texture Direct w/ SC.
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