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Kneeboard for Flight Simulator


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Greetings to all virtual pilots ... and even real ones :D.


I open this topic to talk about electronic Kneeboard, that you use during the flight with the available information (briefings, ATC communications, flight plan, controls, the aircraft checklist and references).

And, just in relation to the last two items (many aircraft, both default that available on the web, already have the checklist and reference files) I inform you that there is also an utility with more than 320 files for this purpose, which can be simply used to replace the existing or to add them if missing (often by downloading from the Web).

It provides a table (Excel) that identifies all treaties aircraft.

Most of the files integrates images and data taken by courtesy granting of Eurocontrol :), the Aircraft Performance Database editor.

This utility should be available soon (already here and soon, I hope, also in Italy)


I'm confident to meet some interest, and also I hope to find friends that can improve by integrating some with missing data (in particular with the information relating to the speed of the flaps extension, missing in many cases).

Thank you to the interested people :) and even more to those who will contribute to the improvement :):):).


;) Aldo


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... is it going to be freeware & payware? ...

Hi Kenny.

absolutely free for everybody.

Just in library here :


enjoy flying liners and, if you have some more info to update, let me know.



PS: I don't know if you fly FS9 or FSX: I made it for FS9 but if you use FSX I hope will be the same; thanks for your confirmation

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... is there something that I need to do? ...

hello Kenny


I did not quite understood your question (sorry, I'm not native :o)

anyway, to use references or checklists you have to :

- Put the "References" folder (which you got from the zip) inside the FSFSCONV folder (which is placed in the Aircraft folder of the simulator); if you do not have, you have to create it.

- Change to the "aircraft.cfg" file of the aircraft where you want to use references or checklists, changing the lines kb_reference/kb_checlist, as mentioned in the readme file.

- If you do not to use some reference/check contained in Reference folder, simply remove them (htm file and related folder)

nothing else


hoping the answer sufficient clear

;) Aldo

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... this topic to talk about electronic Kneeboard, ... with the available information (briefings, ...


Hi to all :)

I'd like to add a thing to this argument, because I asked (not here) suggestion on how to do for adding Briefing note inside the kneeboard.

despite no answer received :(, at the end looking a bit in the folders of the Flight Simulator program, I found a way to accomplish what I wanted. As expected, the document is to be integrated on the flight and not in the aircraft folder.

Here's a little video of the result



I say no more now, but I will go deep if anyone will be interestedbye

;) Aldo

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Thanks Aldo, it looks as though you answered my question. Now I need to read it as I install it for the first time, if I get it to work then proceed to other aircraft's. This must have taken a lot of time & patients. I always appreciate simmers that create planes, scenery's & utility tools for simmers like me that give back as freeware. I have downloaded many great addons since FS98-FS9 all freeware. Again thanks I hope simmers will use this tool. Kenny
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I'd like to try this program, but cannot figure out how to integrate it or install it. Other knee board items I've created are inserted into the main airplane folder and called for in the aircraft.cfg (kb_checklists=). But this has both folders and html files and I cannot figure out where to place each, Any help?


Also, can they be edited? I notice that some important information (ie: recommended manifold pressure and RPM settings for climb, cruise, and descent) have been left out and I'd like to add these in if possible. Any instructions as to how to accomplish that?

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... how to integrate it or install it. ... Also, can they be edited? ...


Hi KCD :), and thanks for interest and the questions.

- You can, of course, configure the reference/checklist inside the aircraft folder: just copy the interested .htm files and the related folder (i/e "Aircraft_ref_file"). Following this way you have to replicate the same operation for all the equivalent aircrafts, if any in different folders; I decided to avoid this, by using the FSFSCONV folder, where I put also common Panel and Sound to use. It is up to you the choice.

- All the files .htm are free: you can easily open and modify them with "Word" program, saving it again in .htm format.


... and, if you will add some more informations and share that here :D:D:D, I'll thank very much for that


Hoping this answer sufficient clear,


;) Aldo

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I've found a very easy way to do that is to open the text file with NotePad++, then click on Save As... and select HTML from the list of file types provided.

NotePad++ is a freeware program that is great for editing, or just looking at, a lot of different file types. Give it a try. You might like it :)



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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... to make the files in html. I don't know how to do that ...

Hi Louross :),

it is very simple; one way is according to PhantomTweak indication and the following is my way:


1) create the file you want (I suggest with Word or Excel, where you can integrate text and pictures)

2) save the file in .htm way (system will automatically create a folder with images and comands)

3) place the created file .htm where you intend to use it, together with the related folder


that's all, and hoping the above note sufficient clear, don't forget to share here the files you will create: I thank you :D in advance for that



;) Aldo

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I ran a quick idea of a checklist- but 2 things: 1) I downloaded the kneeboard file and there are a lot of "ref" and "check" but there is no readme - downloaded 2 times; also the checklist (only a sample) is on the Notepad++ page- what do I do now?
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... but there is no readme ...

a Readme file (Readme_Leggimi_Reference_Checklist-v0.txt) :confused: must be inside the zip

anyway, I copy here in the following the english part, for you and others interested



FS9 - "Kneeboard References & Checklists" utility

rev. 0, Jan 2017, by Aldo Della Vedova




0) Informations: In this utility, designed for Flight Simulator 2004 but

probably usable for FSX and other simulators, there are included several

documents for aircraft References (main content) + Control procedures (second content)

to be used within the electronic kneeboard of simulator. Addressed to those wish

to change Reference/Checklist existing or missed ones (i/e from aircraft downloaded)


1) Contents:

- folders (314) containing the used images

- .HTM files (329) usable for reference and procedures

- The "_References-Checklists.xlsx" file that summarizes the treated material

- This Readme.txt file


2) Installation (for first-time users):

Unpacking the "References.zip" file you get the folder "References",

which has to be placed within the simulator. We suggest to place it inside

the folder "Aircraft" and inside the folder "FSFSCONV",if already there

(keep all your existing files in your FSFSCONV folder).

if it NOT be present, this folder "FSFSCONV" MUST be created,

obtaining the following path:

..:/Flight Simulator2004/Aircraft/FSFSCONV/References


NB: check and VERIFY the EXACT PATH where the simulator installed


3) Practical use:

Flight Simulator offers the possibility to have an electronic kneeboard

for each aircraft, which can be consulted:

3.1 Briefing notes associated to particular flights

3.2 Communications Radio stored

3.3 Flight Plan if enabled

3.4 Explanation of a simulator keyboard commands

3.5 Control Procedures (Checklist) of the aircraft

3.6 References (Reference) of the aircraft


With this application the user will have the material to customize their own

aircraft mounting (points 3.5/3.6) Checklist and Reference cards desired.


4) How to proceed:

after placing the material obtained as stated in above point 2)


4.1 Go inside the aircraft folder (within the folder simulator aircraft)

that you want to connect with the Checklist/Reference desidetate.

For example, we refer to the standard Cessna 172 Flight Simulator 2004

(..:/Flight Simulator2004/Aircraft/C172)

We find the "aircraft.cfg" file (aircraft configurator)


4.2 Open the "aircraft.cfg" file: if not already associated with some application,

open it using the editor Notepad, for simple text file (.txt)


4.3 Each variant of Cessna172 configured this "aircraft.cfg" has the

information grouped under the headings [fltsim.0], [fltsim.1], [fltsim.2], etc.

Such information contains two lines as:

"Kb_checklists = Cessna172SP_check"

"Kb_reference = Cessna172SP_ref"


4.4 Edit the rows and Reference Checklist as:

"Kb_reference = ..:/Flight Simulator2004/Aircraft/FSFSCONV/References/Cessna_C172_ref

"Kb_checklists = ..:/Flight Simulator2004/Aircraft/FSFSCONV/References/Cessna-172_check

SAVE the file "aircraft.cfg"

Basically, you ask the simulator to display no more residents file

in the aircraft folder but those places in FSFSCONV/References folder

In this way (after RELOADING the aircraft) the kneeboard will display

Visually the Cessna with modified documents.


4.5 This operation will be performed for all the titles [fltsim.0], [fltsim.1], [fltsim.2], etc.

if you want to make the change.


4.6 Follow the same procedure for all aircraft that you wish to change.


5) Identification of the cards:


5.1 The "_References-Checklists.xlsx" file lists and summarizes all the contained card;

for each aircraft a link (where V, on columns "checklist or similar" and "References")

allows the immediate opening of the treated board, in order to verify the content.


Notes: Although present, less in number, the Checklist files (Many of which replicate

the Flight Simulator standard) are of less importance: the work is

mainly directed at the Reference File, indicating the Kneeboard

images, features and capabilities of the aircraft.









offering this archive in return for money.


These files are to be used on the understanding that they are at the risk

of the user and I take no responsibility for any loss of existing files or

any other damage that may occur to your computer by the use of these files.


Many thanks to :

- Dragan Milanovski, for the authorization of use of

Aircraft Performance Database by EUROCONTROL

- Wikipedia for some extra informations

- F. Sánchez-Castañer and Werner Schott for checklist of ATR

- Douglas E. Trapp for AN225 Long Distance Procedures

- Chris van Bijlert for 727 advanced checklist

- Irhad Durakoivc for CRJ100 checklist

- Willem Kelder for PFD manual

- a Gian Mario Verga for testing help


Thanks to the "unknown" authors of some other infos included in files





Any comment is welcome, but ...

still much more welcome to those who want to add missing information

to supplement the cards


..... end quote .....


hoping clear now


;) Aldo

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also the checklist (only a sample) is on the Notepad++ page- what do I do now?

Click on File, top left corner. Go down the menu that pops up to SAVE AS... and click it. There will now open a window, with file name currently in use, say check.txt, down near the bottom. Below it is a line that says SAVE AS TYPE... that should currently say NORMAL TEXT FILE (.txt) or something similar, depending on what you wrote your checklist in. I am presuming a regular text file. In the bottom line, click the little down arrow. it will drop down a list of choices of file types. Follow it down to the line that says Hyper Text Markup Language file (.html, etc). Click on that.

In the folder you're using you should now have 2 files, check.txt and check.htm.

Now rename check.htm to check-chk.htm.

Open your aircraft.cfg file, and under the heading [fltsim.0] you will see a line kb_checklists = . If not, you can add it in yourself. Type in check-chk.htm . If you have more than one [flghtsim.X] section, and you want all of the planes defined in them to use the same checklist, copy-n-paste the check-chk.htm to all the other kb_checklists = lines.

Is that what you needed to know?



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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Hello to the interested people and those who read too


I hang up the topic to inform that I have put together a small tutorial to try to clarify some doubts reported by those interested in the application.




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