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Flight 1 Super 80 Pro Stuttering when VNAV engaged?


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Hey guys, when attempting to fly the Flight One Super 80 Pro in FSX:SE, I am getting an error where the plane constantly stutters when the VNAV is engaged. It just recently started doing this, though I have had stutters from the plane in the past, but they eventually went away, or didn't exist in the first place. I don't think that it is a hardware issue, as it does it with no other plane, PMDG, CLS, etc., and it doesn't do it any other time, just when VNAV is engaged, but I will list my specs below just in case. FSX is also installed on a separate drive, but it has been for quite some time, and I flew the bird a few times with my current configuration with no issue. I have reinstalled the plane more times than I would like to mention, and if I can't get a solution, I guess I will have to go with a reinstall of FSX. Video below showing the stutter.


*NOTE* I have already posted in the official Flight 1 Super 80 Pro private forums, but it seems that my thread has gone dead there after a week, which is why I'm posting here.


Processor: i5-4400

Memory: 8GB


OS: Win 10



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No idea. Is the vnav even operable? I have the CLS MD 80 series and a couple of buttons say "inop " when I mouse over them.


Other than that, post over at Flight 1 forums.

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Fixed this issue. It seemed that the SimConnect modules were the issue. If you have this same issue, uninstall all your simconnect modules in the control panel, then reinstall them one by one, starting with .60905, then go from there with all others. That's what worked for me.
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