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My runway is gone !


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I need help! First of all: I am not a computer specialist, nore a user/beginner.

Using FSX (steam) I notice, that at OMDB (DUBAI) airport, there is only green grass, but no runway, tarmac etc... This only happens when using OMDB airport.

See attatched screenshot,please. Does anybody have an idea, how to solve this strange occurence ?


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Are you sure that you are not using the FSX-SE default airport AFCAD? You state that you have the freeware Dubai X installed. This is a photorealistic package of the area and is essentially only replacement ground textures - i.e. the ciities, roads etc - it does not contain any airport files.


Are you using the recommended OMDB afcad stated (and linked - file name omdb.zip) in the description text on the download page?


The picture show a common error that can often occur and is associated with a variation in height between ground and/or terrain files and an airport AFCAD.




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Thanx ! My son supported me and removed the Dubai X- freeware, going back to the old status. Now, there is- at least- the runway and tarmac. The Burj Khalifa was separately installed, but there is no real picture of what else is Dubai. How can I get the real scenery without having trounles and missing runways, again ???
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Adding stuiff to FSX can be as easy or hard as you want to make it. It can be very subjective, as most people have their own preferred way of doing it. Unfortunately, with some scenery, its simply down to trial and error. That said, most addons (both freeware and payware) can be installed relatively easy if you follow a few simply rules (see below).


WRT Dubai X - I have download (but not yet installed) it to see what was included. The scenery is in 2 parts and it appears from the readme that part 1 provides the coast, cities etc and part 2 provides the airport. The readme actually refers to the problem that you had as being an unresolved issue, which is why (I presume) the author recommends using a different AFCAD. I suspect that the issue is caused by the fact the author states to move the AFCAD into the Part 1 folder (see item 3. in my tips section below for the reason why).


So I suggest that you re-install part 1 only and test. The default FSX airport will still be available and should display correctly.


If no problems occur you can leave it at that. If you want a better airport than the default FSX one you can either:


1, Try the included airport by re-installing part two of Dubai X. However, don't follow the instructions in the readme - it tells you to place the contents of part 2 into the same folder of part 1. Install instead into its own folder and when you activate the scenery in FSX make sure that part 2 is above part 1 in the listing.


2. Install the suggested replacement that I referenced in my earlier post. Looking at the .zip file it only contains .bgl files so when you install it you can either place the .bgl files into the default FSX Addon Scenery\Scenery folder (no activation needed) or place it in its own folder and activate the folder, ensuring that the folder is placed above the Dubai X part 1 folder.


3. Search the File Library on this site and other sites to find another version. Install as per the readme, if included, or as per instruction 2. above.


Tips on installing scenery - For reference, there are what I consider to be four main scenery types:


Terrain Mesh ™ - TM changes how FSX looks WRT the 'lumps and bumps' - i.e. the mountains, valleys, coastlines etc.


Ground Mesh (GM) - Gm changes how FSX looks WRT what you see when you look down from the air - i.e the fields, cities, roads etc - Dubai X is a GM product.


NOTE: Both TM and GM are also sometimes referred to as Landclass


Object Libraries (OL) - OL are essentially a collection of scenery objects and their associated textures. There are a few 'essential' ones that are regularly used in many sceneries - EZ Scenery Library and Rwy12 to name two. If you don't have a required OL installed then the scenery that needs it won't display correctly.


Other Scenery - This covers basically everything else like airports upgrades, objects like the Burj Khalifa, and so on. This also includes AI Traffic files - these files contain the flightplans that AI traffic follow and are used to populate the sky/airports with other aircraft.


When installing addon scenery:


1. My preference is to expand the .zip file to a temp location. This allows you to check the contents of the .zip and will help you to ascertain the best course of action regarding how to install it and to where (see 3. below). It also allows you the chance to weed out non essential files that don't need to be installed - such as readme docs and pictures. For the same reasons, when a package contains a 'auto installer' or a 'setup.exe', I always them point them to a temp location - most will allow this with no problems.


2. Always read any included readme files and/or the description included on the download page. They will usually give info regarding required libraries or other files. Some will also give details of how to install the package and/or details of any addons it has been tested with.


3. As you will be aware you need to activate the scenery so that it shows in FSX. By default new scenery is automatically added at the top of the priority list (i.e. at #1). This is not always a good idea as some types of scenery need to be placed lower that others. For example if a scenery package contains both an airport and a TM/GM file, the TM/GM file must be placed below the airport file in the listing otherwise it won't display correctly (hopefully the author will state this in their instructions). Likewise, a OL should be placed as far down the list as possible. Irrespective of the scenery type, all addon scenery should always be placed above the default FSX scenery entries


A simple solution is to get into the habit of to grouping different types of scenery together in the priority listing. I use the following structure, with P1 (Priority 1) being at the top of the list as viewed in the settings page:


P1 - Basic and Detailed Airport Scenery

P2 - GM and TM

P3a - AI Traffic Files

P3b - OL

P4 - Default FSX


WRT the P3a/P3b entries - my preference is to install most addon scenery outside of FSX in a folder structure that meets my needs - I have no scenery installed in the default Addon Scenery folder nor do I place AI traffic files in the suggested default location within the Scenery/World/Scenery folder. The only addon items that get placed within FSX are those payware items that can only be installed there.




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I havent read thoroughly thru the post, but the same thing is happening to me at Dullus. I taxi and take off and im fine, but when i land, i see the runway, get about on top of it and its like it disappears into the ground
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@ Haunx.....


Is this the default Dullus or an addon? If an addon, provide a filename (and if possible where you got it from) so that I can take a look at it and try to replicate the problem.

Does the runway disappear once you have taken off - check by going to an outside view once airborne and rotate to look back behind the aircraft. How long are you flying for before landing again?. Are you staying in the immediate surrounding area.


Your problem could be related to a number of reasons including a height conflict, as outlined in the last sentence in my post at #4, or a problem with the airport background poly or possibly a memory issue.


@ herward12.....


I know it is a lot to take in, but I hope it helps you to install the Dubai X (and in future others) package successfully. If you want a step by step guide on how to do it either post back in this thread or PM me.




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