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Windows Backup issue with FSX.exe (only) not getting backed up/restoring.


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Hi, hopefully someone has experienced this or can tell me what may have to be done.

Scenerio: I have FSX installed on my secondary hard drive. I do monthly full backups using windows backup.

I get a system image, all users folders, and selected the secondary drive. So I get EVERYTHING. My secondary drive failed not my primary so my registry and fsx.cfg are all still good. Obviously with the secondary gone, I needed to buy a new drive and do a restore of just the secondary drive. I did so and everything restored successfully, supposedly. All other software's installed there are good to go. Two Microsoft programs, Encore executable and FSX executable files were skipped during the backup. I didn't tell it to skip them, windows backup skipped them on it's own. No problem with Encore I just went into programs and features and it had the uninstall/repair option and it did it. But FSX has no repair option. WTF? Why did windows backup skip just those two executables. Does Microsoft have logic in windows backup to not backup and restore it's executables for anything? Won't actually backup it's own software? I have original FSX and the Accelerator on CD. Do you think if I insert The accelerator disk it will have a repair? I don't want to re-install and lose all my add-ons, etc. Suggestions appreciated.

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